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About Us

About Us

Over the past 19 years the ProLawnCare team has been evolving; since the year 2000 when Richard started the Cambridgeshire based business, with Deborah and Julie supporting him, the operational team has grown to three dedicated Lawn Technicians, namely Kenny, Dan and Simon.  This enabled Deborah to move from a lawn technician role into the office to become Office and Sales Manager, whilst Julie makes sure the important admin for business is all in order!

Now Richard dedicates his time in helping people start up new lawn care companies, either from a standing start with no lawn care knowledge, or for those involved in gardening/landscaping that want to add lawn care as part of their service.

The training is bespoke to suit your circumstances and involves classroom, marketing, theory and lots of practical experience to equip you with all the skills you need to set up and grow your business.

Once trained and running your own lawn care business, Richard is on hand via phone or e-mail to help with situations as they arise.