Spring lawn fertiliser & weed control offer

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Spring Fertiliser offer

As a new customer we would like to offer your lawn a FREE Weed Control when you pay for your Spring Fertiliser at the regular price!  Read on to learn more about the services.

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Nikki Mainwaring of Pro Lawn Care Fertilised Spring Lawn


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Spring Fertiliser service

This season we will be applying a granupermament 18,7,15 slow release granular fertiliser.  These resin coated granules guarantee a slow release of nitrogen over a period of 3 to 4 months, which is deliberate as we specifically want the product to overlap our April to May weed control and maintain the feed to the rootzone of the your grass.

Vigour, colour and sustainability will all improve the look and feel of your lawn.

The granules consists of 18% of nitrogen, 7% of phosphate and 15% of  potassium as well as magnesium and iron.

Free Weed Control

Our Weed Control service will eradicate dandelions, daisies, and all the broad leafed weeds that always seem to appear every Spring!  If a stubborn weed needs a second treatment we will book a courtesy visit to spot treat them.

Call us now on 01480 812393 and treat your lawn to the best start this Spring.

We look forward to meeting both you and your lawn.

Richard Salmon


Richard Salmon

Managing Director